Brief overview of markdown

Most of you probably already had contact with it. The overall-mystic MD-Files.

At least if you have been working with GitHub you have seen a file. But what is that file?

The MD File

It is easy to see, that md stands for markdown. Markdown is an easy to use formatting syntax, similar to html (funfact: which is a markup language). Markdown can be used to quickly and fast format content without leaving the keyboard. In the end the result will be a text file with additional formatting information applied.

Common markdowns

# Level 1 heading# Level 1 heading
## Level 2 heading## Level 2 heading
*Italic*some italic text*
**Bold**some bold text here**
***Italic AND bold***so important italic and bold***
> Blockquote> Citing others is pretty odd
1. Ordered list1. First element
1. Second element
1. Third element
Unordered list– First element
– Second element
– Third element

Markdown is a pretty commonly used syntax for creating documentation in the IT. Therefore I highly recommend taking a look into the basics to be prepared in case you somewhen need it for work.

I personally use Markdown for creating longer text passages like article and blog posts. I like the idea of focusing on the content and just having a minimal formatting on-the-fly while writing.

Wanna try it out

You can use one of the many online Markdown editors in the “internet” if you want to give it a try. I can recommend Dillinger to get started. But be aware, that Dillinger supports additional Markdowns which are not part of the default set of formatting options.


Markdown Guide | “Basic Syntax” (2021-03-12)