Some useful Google operators

Google provides some nice advanced stuff to make searching even more effective. Below stuff is more like a reminder for me.

Conditional operators

OperatorStands forExample
And (default)+John+Wick
John Wick
Or|John | Wick
Withoutnmap tutorial -linux

Advanced operators

OperatorStands for
cache:Search in Google’s cached version
related: Search for simlar web sites
link:Search for links pointing to your target
site:Shows only a list of domains within your search
allintitle:Shows only results where all of the search query words are in the title of a site (multiple values have to be in title)
intitle:Shows only results where the site title contains the search word
allinurl:Shows only results where the URL has all the search words in it
inurl: Shows all sites where the search word is in the URL
filetype:Limits the result to a specific file type (pdf, docx, …)


[1] Refine web searches (Google Search Help) (Jul 2021)
[2] Google Hacking Database (Exploit-DB) (Jul 2021)