Scaffold for information gathering in PowerShell

It’s a common task to get information out of your SharePoint Server farm or SPO tenant and process the outcome in other tools or make a report out of it.

Note | You will find a lot of examples of how to get information from your SharePoint farm and a huge amount of it recommend using an array to hold the data and Add-Member to but build your custom report PowerShell object. Please don’t do that. An array can be used when you have a fixed count of items. Information gathering is always a dynamic procedure where an unidentified number of items will be added to your array. Add-Member is a legacy from – I dunno – PowerShell 2.0? There are more elegant ways to add properties to a custom object in PowerShell nowadays.

The scenario

We will get all site collections of a SharePoint Server farm, read some properties out of that and hold the result in an array list (not to be confused with an array).

# Get all site collections from farm 
$sitecollections = Get-SPSite -WebApplication "" -Limit All 

# Create results object of type arraylist 
$result = New-Object -TypeName "System.Collections.ArrayList"

# iterate through all site collections and get some info 
foreach ($site in $sitecollections) {
    # define property and assign values 
    $property = [ordered]@{
        Name = $site.Title 
        Url = $site.Url 
    # create object to which properties will be attached 
    $resultObject = New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property $property 
    # store information in results arraylist 

# Export result as csv file 
$result | Export-Csv "D:\path\to\my\file.csv" -NoTypeInformation


For the sake of demonstration, the above code is ok. But in a real-world scenario, you would probably have to make some adjustments. Like using parameters, output and stuff…

Hope this will help anyone out there. Cheers!